A few more photos …

Some more pictures from the Harry Green Way walk done a couple of days ago:

2016-05-28 062508 Bishop's Itchington church weathercock

Bishop’s Itchington church weathercock

2016-05-28 075920 Spotted Flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher

2016-05-28 093134 Hare

The ‘tame’ hare in Pudding Bag Lane, Bascote. I think it was either old or unwell, as it looked a bit skinney.

2016-05-28 093340 Green Woodpecker

Green Woodpecker.

2016-05-28 104228 Kek_stitch

Kek (Cow Parsley)

2016-05-28 120816 Tea

Tea, thanks to The Folly Pub.

Regarding the ‘The Isthmus Challenge‘ … I think I’ll launch the sponsorship effort proper tomorrow, Tuesday. Was going to wait a week or so, but several people have already made or offered donations. This is a copy of the little poster I’ve done:

poster image.jpg



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