Getting real now

June 02 -got the ticketsAfter two hours working out how to use the website, managed to book train tickets to get me to Axminster on the 20th June.

Booking the train tickets was a bit of a game. Leamington Spa to Axminster was £99. However, buying two tickets and ‘changing’ at Basingstoke. reduced the cost to £62. Exactly the same train, exactly the same route, but £37 less! (Technically perhaps I should get off the train and get straight back on it again at Basingstoke.)

I’ll arrive at Axminster at 1 p.m., so I could walk to Beer Youth Hostel – 4 or 5 hours – if I wanted. After a night in the hostel, I’ll take the coast path to the start of the cross-isthmus walk at Charmouth, and see what fate has in store for me there.

Having booked the trains and the accommodation, it’s all feeling more real now. Am I actually going to do this?!

  • Postscript: After some more experimentation the next day with journey-splitting, got the price down to £58 with three tickets – Leamington Spa to Oxford, Oxford to Basingstoke, Basingstoke to Axminster. Further splitting made the price higher again, but nowhere near the £99 originally quoted. Takes some time fiddling about online, but saves tens-of-pounds.

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