The ‘train tickets’ walk

Today I picked up my train tickets. Here they are:

2016-06-03 113818 Tickets

To get them I walked to Bascote and then along the Grand Union Canal to Leamington Spa railway station – and back again. 18 miles. A dullish day, but dry, and a pleasurable if unremarkable ramble.


The canal path through the centre of Leamington wasn’t so great – the back end of industrial units, incomprehensible graffiti and the occasional out-of-place looking youth. I avoided it on the way back.

2016-06-03 083332 Bagpus2016-06-03 093744 Locks2016-06-03 094448 Bridge 29_stitch

Taking the main road, bought a sandwich at one of the four Polish shops, and in an art supplies shop nearby had a pleasant chat with an older lady. She was remarking on how some people had objected to ‘Life of Brian‘ being screened in the ruins of the old cathedral in Coventry. We agreed that there are always people around who will find a reason to protest about absolutely anything. She’s going to see Anton Lesser at some event at St Mary’s, Warwick, tomorrow evening. Apparently he’s been in something called Game of Thrones, about which I know nothing.

Picked up the canal again at Whitnash, and returned to Southam by the Holy Well path.

The walks I am currently doing are in preparation for a 50 mile walk across the south-west peninsula isthmus (Charmouth to Bridgewater Bay) in the last week of June. More information at

2016-06-03 143604 Woodland_stitch

2016-06-03 144408 OrangeTip

Orange-tip Butterfly (Anthocharis cardamines). This is the male. The female has no orange, just grey wingtips.

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