Lunch at Draycote

lunchatdraycoteManaged 20 miles in 9 hours today, walking to Draycote Water via Long Itchington and Birdingbury, returning via Grandborough. An interesting day, walking along less-used footpaths which emulate what I’m expecting across the isthmus.

2016-06-09 202549 Rape

Where’s the path?

I wouldn’t recommend this walk to others – the wayfinding was problematic at times. At Long Itchington a house and yard built across the path meant a ½ mile diversion trying to find my way through the surrounding fields. The quality of rights-of-way was very variable in general, sometimes having to shove one’s way through shoulder-high rape and emerging smelling of cabbage, or navigating paths along the sides of fields with the crop growing flush to the hedgerow – the line of the path being exactly that, just a theoretical line with no actual width on the ground, in spite of the big friendly arrows pointing the way along the field edge.

A hot, sunny day, the main lessons of which were …

  1. Sunblock and a hat. I don’t mind the beetroot effect on my face this evening, but if walking several days in the sun I’ll have to be kinder to my skin.
  2. Never walk in jeans again! The dew-sodden rape fields at the beginning meant that they were soaked in no time, never really drying out in spite of the scorching sun. Climbing over tall styles in wet jeans is surprisingly difficult.
  3. Take plenty of quality dry socks – it’s the one thing I don’t mind going overboard on.
2016-06-09 093148 DSC_0004

Found a young crow sitting in the grass, maybe having left the nest too early?

2016-06-09 094606 DSC_0016_stitch

2016-06-09 202404 Birdingbury church

Birdingbury Church, built in the late 1700s.

2016-06-09 202403 Birdingbury church2016-06-09 202511 Bee hives

2016-06-09 123714 DSC_0071

Lunch at Draycote.

2016-06-09 202439 Two bridges

Spoilt for choice. I took the one on the right-hand side.

2016-06-09 163542 Country lane2016-06-09 145202 Buttercups and daisies

poppyPlease consider making a small donation to my sponsored walk beginning 20th June, in person at the reception at Galanos House, Southam / by post to ‘Isthmus Challenge’, Galanos House, Southam, CV47 2BL / online at All funds go toward the ‘Amenities Fund’, to enhance the lives of the residents and other users of our services.

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