My Isthmus Walk (PDF file)

Finally got round to writing the account of my ‘Isthmus Walk’. It’s here as a PDF:

My Isthmus Walk

Click on the link and it should open in your browser, or right-click it and save it to read offline.

* * *

trackThe walk was successfully completed, raising £375 for the Galanos House Amenities Fund and solving a few questions that I had in my mind, such as:

  1. Where are the ends of the isthmus?
  2. What’s it like walking at night?
  3. Can I survive several days out-of-doors with just a light backpack?
  4. How far can I walk in one day?
  5. What’s it like trying to follow a home-made route?

The answers are:

  1. SY 35723 93090 (south end) and ST 25150 45180 (north end).
  2. Fine – a different world. Essentials are, of course, a good torch (plus a spare), adequate batteries and suitable route/location and weather – wouldn’t want to bother in the rain.
  3. Yes-ish. Well, not really. Very dependent on weather and having bank card in pocket. Can ‘survive’, yes, but needs good general conditions to be able to call it enjoyable.
  4. 40 miles, it turns out. Great to have done it – would like to attempt 50 miles sometime, but otherwise wouldn’t want to do this again without a very good reason. 20-25 miles is my max preferable, less in hilly districts.
  5. Great fun, even when it goes wrong. Carry wire cutters next time.


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