St Mark’s Church, Leamington Spa.

After visiting numerous times, finally found this church open. On looking through the door, someone I assume is a churchwarden asked if I was ‘the video man’ – they were setting up for a wedding. He kindly let me have a look around, but the visit was naturally a little hurried. Would like to return some time to get some better images.

2016-07-30 122722 St Mark's, interior

Built in the 1870s by Gilbert Scott Junior. His father built many Gothic Revival structures, such as the Albert Memorial and Walton Hall, while his son (Gilbert Scott Junior Junior?) created the iconic British ‘K-series’ red telephone box).

2016-07-30 141520 DSC_0006_stitch

The church guide says this is St George, which is probably correct. Can’t see who else it would be, even though he’s missing his dragon and flag with a cross on it.

What really caught my attention was the lectern, which was presented to the church in 1906. I can find no information on it, but it appears to me to be one of those funny-looking pre-Reformation things, dating to about 1500. There are a few dozen across the country. [Addendum, Sep 2018: this bird is actually a Victorian replica.]

2016-07-30 141526 DSC_0012

I’ve come across a few of these things now. There’s a very similar one at Cropredy.

2016-04-09 190142 20160409 163222 Cropredy - eagle lectern.jpg

The lectern at Cropredy.

2016-07-30 121952 DSC_0048

One of the little lions at the base of the stand.

2 thoughts on “St Mark’s Church, Leamington Spa.

  1. Beautiful pictures. If you go round the side of the church on the left, you will find the church office open from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm every weekday. You can go in there and ask the Administrator if you can have access to the church.

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  2. Hello. I’m currently researching eagle lecterns. I would like to publish a book about them and would like permission to use some of your photos. Thanks, Cheryl


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