Not as medieval as I thought

On visiting St Mark’s, Rugby Road, Leamington Spa, a second time, quickly realised my ‘medieval’ eagle was nothing of the sort. The details just aren’t right, it has none of the dinks or flaws of a 500-year-old bird, with the whole thing being in near perfect condition. It was presented by the daughters of Major John Marsland, who died in 1906. One has to admire the skill of the Edwardian metalworkers, but wonder why they couldn’t have come up with something a bit more original.

2016-08-03 125322 Head

2016-08-03 125046 Bird

2016-08-03 114224 Angel

Angel on the exterior of the north side of the building. A century of weathering is taking its toll.

2016-08-03 132002 Musician

Left: one of the musicians painted on the organ casing.

The decoration around the church is typical late- Victorian, the faces with those curiously unattractive large, rolling eyes of the era. Here and there are hints of Pre-Raphaelitism and Arts and Crafts, although nothing very special.

A hunt amongst the generic imagery of the window glass finds interesting details where the artists managed a bit of artistic licence – a ruined castle, a voluminously-haired woman, delicately drawn leaves, an imaginary tower.

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