Ophelia on Llyn Ogwen

Visited Idwal Cottage YH, staying there 15-17 October, three nights for £24 because of a special offer. As the date drew closer it became evident that one of the severest storms for many years was going to happen bamg in the middle of this – the remains of hurricane Ophelia.


Thankfully no serious injuries in Wales. I was surprised that there were no mountain rescue incidents, as normally there something almost every day even in good weather.


In spite of the BBC forecasting 80+ gusts where I was staying, it didn’t quite reach that level, although my gues is 50-70. Entertained myself watching the effects on the ake surface – walls of spray sweeping across the lake and numerous little ‘twisters’, some maybe 50m across, dancing across the water.

One of the ‘twisters’ and a wall of spray maving up the lake.

There’s a video HERE.

Other photos from the short holiday …


2017-10-15 121702 Ogwen 061a_stitch

Llyn Ogwen


2017-10-15 112626 Ogwen 023_stitch


2017-10-15 142734 Ogwen - tree

On the slopes of Pen yr Ole Wen

2017-10-16 083330 Ogwen 274a_stitch

Nant Ffrancon (the valley carrying the Ogwen river north to the sea from Llyn Ogwen)

2017-10-16 084104 Ogwen 300a_stitch

Tryfan’s unmistakable profile

2017-10-16 113518 Ogwen 392a_stitch

Impressive and fast-moving cloudscapes the day of the storm

2017-10-17 171634 Ogwen 562a_stitch

A small harbour somwhere west of Bangor

2017-10-18 062802 Ogwen - Moon, Venus, Tryfan

On the morning of the 18th happened to catch the moon and Venus rolling up the sloped of Tryfan

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